May 24, 2017

Welcome to the Jazz Drama Program site!

Blues expression heals.

  Listening unites.

    Improvisation empowers.

       Story engages and enlightens.

Our Mission:

To build more imaginative, diverse and compassionate communities through education in jazz music, theatre and dance.


Our Programs:

Create jazz musicals based on socially relevant stories like the fight for women’s suffrage, breaking social dogma to address environmental crisis, and learning to sing, play and dance the blues to heal the world.

Provide education experiences to students, teachers, and business leaders fostering exceptional growth through jazz tools such as active listening, syncopation, groove and improvisation.

Give jazz performances worldwide that are multi-generational and multi-art form.

The Jazz Drama Program (JDP) was founded in 2003 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization by jazz musician Eli Yamin and teacher Clifford Carlson to get young people involved in and excited about jazz.  By commissioning new jazz musicals, recording CD’s and distributing scores and scripts and offering professional development for teachers and workshops for students, The Jazz Drama Program is building new audiences and stakeholders in the jazz arts through the mediums of storytelling, music, theatre, dance and visual arts.  To date, Jazz Drama Program musicals have seen over 80 performances in fourteen states and four countries literally involving thousands of young people and their families in sustained exposure and involvement in the jazz arts.

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Open Jazz Arts Master Class on March 27

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Singing Open Jazz Arts Master Class on Feb 27th

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Open Jazz Arts Master Class on January 30th

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