June 26, 2017


The Jazz Drama Program (JDP) was founded in 2003 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization by jazz musician Eli Yamin and teacher Clifford Carlson to get young people involved in and excited about jazz.  By commissioning new jazz musicals, recording CD’s and distributing scores and scripts and offering professional development for teachers and workshops for students, The Jazz Drama Program is building new audiences and stakeholders in the jazz arts through the mediums of storytelling, music, theatre, dance and visual arts.  To date, Jazz Drama Program musicals have seen over 75 performances in thirteen states and four countries literally involving thousands of young people and their families in sustained exposure and involvement in the jazz arts.


Vision and Activities:

The Jazz Drama Program believes that providing high quality immersive arts experiences for young people and their communities is transformative and essential to their emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical well being and the well being of society.

The Jazz Drama Program:

  • Creates original jazz theater works that tell stories children can relate to.
  • Shares new pedagogical practices in the field of jazz arts and drama education.
  • Fosters children’s increased perception and performance in all areas of life, including school and community, through its productions.
  • Produces and disseminates recordings, scripts and scores to support workshops and productions of its jazz theater works.
  • Allows professional musicians and choreographers, as well as set, costume, sound, and lighting designers, to mentor children in these areas.
  • Facilitates professional-level educational development of teachers, music educators and other supporters through instructional materials and directed activities.
  • Promotes the enjoyment and appreciation of the jazz arts as a path to personal growth and joyful expression throughout all stages of life.

The Jazz Drama Program illuminates the value of jazz and jazz musicians as a continuous source of inspiration in our society.