June 26, 2017

Alumni Club

Greetings to all former participants of The Louis Armstrong Middle School Jazz Drama Program productions.

I’m so excited to share with you what’s going on with The Jazz Drama Program and the musicals you were in when you were a student at The Louis Armstrong Middle School

If you were involved in one of these Jazz Drama Program jazz musicals:

When Malindy Swings (1998)
Holding The Torch For Liberty (1999, 2003)
Nora’s Ark (2000, 2004)
Message From Saturn (2001, 2005)
Hear My Voice (2002, 2006)

at the Louis Armstrong Middle School …then you are invited to join us on the journey to change America!

Productions are taking off around the corner, around the country, around the world!

You are a part of our past!

  • One of the jazz musicals you helped to create has been professionally recorded into a CD.
  • Schools in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Laurel, Mississippi have just completed productions.
  • “Healing Song” from Message From Saturn is being performed in India, Brazil and Chile.

Be a part of our future!

  • Can you be a mentor to children embarking on the same journey into jazz and drama that you took?
  • Would you like to see the work you began enrich the lives of children around the globe?
  • Can you help spread the word?

The Jazz Drama Program needs you now to tell everyone you know that the adventure you helped to create is being recognized as significant, meaningful to the lives of children, and empowering to people all over the world.

Spread the word!

Go to thejazzdramaprogram.org to find out more.
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We can’t wait to hear from you and hear what being part of The Jazz Drama Program meant to you.

Thank-you and hope to see you soon!

Eli Yamin
Artistic Director