May 23, 2017

Holding The Torch For Liberty – Synopsis

Holding the Torch for Liberty CD Cover

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The Jazz Musical
By Eli Yamin and Clifford Carlson

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The Story…

Holding the Torch for Liberty, the jazz musical tells the story of the culmination of the women’s suffrage movement in the United States, circa 1920. Through ragtime, classic blues, New Orleans and Cuban infused original music, Holding the Torch for Liberty traces how courageous working women joined forces to fight for and win final passage of the 19thAmendment. Combining actual historical events with magical realism, the Statue of Liberty comes to life, goes dancing in a Harlem nightclub, and later meets a determined group of suffragists. Ms. Liberty’s torch becomes a window to the future, as the roles for women in the country grow- women doctors, lawyers, engineers and even the president. With the country openly divided, a lone congressman from Tennessee gets an inspirational letter from his mother reminding him that standing up for justice and doing what is right comes easily when you follow your heart.

Holding the Torch for Liberty Trailer from The Jazz Drama Program on Vimeo.


(2003 Louis Armstrong Middle School production of Holding The Torch For Liberty)