June 26, 2017

The Making of Message From Saturn Cast Album

The recording session with the band took place on August 31, 2013 in Studio C at Avatar Studios. The band consisted of Eli Yamin on piano, Todd M. Williams on sax, Tom Dempsey on guitar & electric guitar, Ari Roland on bass and Alvin Atkinson on drums / percussion. The session was engineered by Jim Anderson.

The vocalists were selected from three vocal workshops conducted by Jazz Drama Program Artistic Director Eli Yamin and Founder of Somatic Voicework™ Jeannette LoVetri that began in February 2014.  Once the vocalists were chosen, rehearsals continued weekly for several weeks leading up to the recording session at Avatar. The vocalists were recorded on June 23, 2014 in Studio B at Avatar Studios. The session was engineered by Jeff “Jedi Master” Jones.