June 26, 2017

Message from Saturn CD Release Performance at Dizzy’s

Eli Yamin and the Astro Intergenerational Arkestra peformed Message from Saturn, a space odyssey (Jazz Club Edition) by Eli Yamin and Clifford Carlson at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola at Jazz at Lincoln Center on January 17, 2017.



Tap Dancers:



Zah! Jazz Youth

Brian Fender-Shirley (narrator)
Andrew Farella (Bebe)
Keren Canales
Jonathan Hernandez
Marquise Neal
Angelica Pastor
Isabella Pinto
Ke’Asia Smith
Kendall Speaks
Kimberly Teyengua

Dancers – Okra Dance

Shireen Dickson (Director)
Dexter Jones
Lauran Spencer
Brittany Williams
Robbie Ryser
Eric Decaminada

The Band

Eli Yamin (Conductor, Piano)
Camille Thurman (Sax, Vocals)
James Zollar (Trumpet)
Alevtina Polyakova (Trombone)
Tom Dempsey (Guitar)
Russell Hall (Bass)
Stefan Schatz (Drums)
Special Guest – Knoell Scott (Alto Sax)