June 26, 2017

Message From Saturn – Synopsis

Message From Saturn CD CoverThe Jazz Musical
by Eli Yamin and Clifford Carlson

The Story…

Mary, Lou and William discover evidence that the Milky Way Galaxy is dying. The Zodiac Constellations have disappeared. Given a mission by The Big Bang, the children set off with a group of singing and dancing Asteroids to the Four Elements, (Earth, Water, Air and Fire) to learn about the blues from the Zodiac Constellations. They return to The Night Sky and using their new knowledge play the Blues and save the galaxy. The Blues, it is revealed, has been the healing energy holding the universe together for billions of years.

(2001 Louis Armstrong Middle School workshop production of Message From Saturn)


The following short was filmed during rehearsal and performances of Message From Saturn in spring 2005 at the Louis Armstrong Middle School in Queens, NY.  The film was produced and directed by Paul Willis.