June 26, 2017

Hear My Voice

The Jazz Musical
By Eli Yamin and Clifford Carlson

The Story…

The play expresses the views of middle school children on issues ranging from sex and drugs to teachers and parents. The musical begins as a young girl dances her way through the audience. She searches for the illusive butterfly of intuition and leads the cast into the first ensemble song. Growin’ Up, the opening number, introduces us to the world of the young adult. Family chores, physical changes and intellectual challenges are some of the numerous trials endured by modern children as they battle their way through that age old dilemma: How can I be a part of a group and still retain my individuality? A young crusader for children’s civil rights has no problem expressing his outrage at the denial of basic constitutional freedoms for young people in his solo, Free For All. Hear My Voice, the concluding piece, speaks to the future. We all have a message and a voice that deserves to be heard.

The Songs…

  • Growin’ Up
    Hip-hop/Bebop. Biggie Smalls meets Thelonious Monk.
  • Well You Better Not
    Instrumental based on Well You Needn’t.
  • Free For All
    Shuffle blues.
  • I Want to Be a Teacher
    Instrumental based on Let’s Cool One.
  • Hear My Voice
    Neil Young meets Mary J. Blige meets John Coltrane.

(2002 Louis Armstrong Middle School production of Hear My Voice)